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We have cheaper alternative cable internet service to Rogers or Shaw internet services with higher usage limit.  We also have unlimited (bottomless) cable internet service.

"You are not just buying great internet service but peace of mind!"


BC Cable Internet Services:  Shaw \VideoTron \Telus Alternative 


Cable Internet Services
ServiceDownUpGig CapPricePurchase
BasicUp to 1 MbpsUp to 256 KUnlimited$21.95Call
High-SpeedUp to 7.5 MbpsUp to 512 K
300 GB of bandwidth per month
High-Speed EliteUp to 7.5 MbpsUp to 512 K
High-SpeedProUp to 15 MbpsUp to 1 Mbps
300 GB of bandwidth per month
High-Speed Pro EliteUp to 15 MbpsUp to 1 Mbps
High-Speed UltraUp to 25 MbpsUp to 2 Mbps
500 GB of bandwidth per month

Please call us at 1-888-400-7996 to check availability of service or Fill form below

Additional Information

Activation Fee$44.95, Save $20 with a modem purchase!
Additional Bandwidth$.50/GB/mo
Account changesAccount changes = $5
Move Fee$65
If a Dispatch is required = $99

Activation on weekends 
Saturday and Sundays

Activation Timeline 7 business days

Static IP Available? No

Is the service subject to throlling No

Are any ports blocked Yes but 25 and 80 are open

Change of speed fee $5

Change of speed timeline 6 business days

Bandwidth Tracking No way to track usage yet

Do they have to cancel their existing service? Yes, match install date with disconnect date.

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Disclaimer: This is an affiliate/reseller program.  Purchase will be made directly through the internet provider. Support will be provided by the internet provider as well.  Ordering from Jorards Communications does not increase or decrease the price whether purchased from this website or the partner website.