We have cheaper alternative cable internet service to Rogers or Shaw internet services with higher usage limit.  We also have unlimited (bottomless) cable internet service.

"You are not just buying great internet service but peace of mind!"


Quebec Cable Internet Services:  VideoTron Alternative 


Cable Internet Services
ServiceDownUpGig CapPricePurchase
Basic Cable 55 Mbps1 MbpsUnlimited$36.95Call
High Speed Cable 1010 Mbps10 MbpsUnlimited$46.95Call
High Speed Cable 2020 Mbps10 MbpsUnlimited$56.95Call
High Speed Cable 3030 Mbps10 MbpsUnlimited$62.95Call (Best Value)
Ultimate Cable 120120 Mbps10 MbpsUnlimited$149.95Call

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1-888-400-7996 ext 2

Additional Information

Activation Fee  $70
Additional Bandwidth  N/A
Additional Bandwidth  N/A
Move Fee  $85
If a Dispatch is required = $99
Activation on weekends  Saturday only
Activation Timeline  5 business days
Static IP Available?  No
Is the service subject to throlling  No
Are any ports blocked  No
Change of speed fee  $5
Change of speed timeline  48 Hours
Bandwidth Tracking  On TSI website
Do they have to cancel their existing service?  If they have videotron already, no.  If with other reseller, yes.
  • Activation & Shipping charge are non-refundable
  • 30 days advance notice is required for cancelling
  • if cancellation occur during the first 6 months, Xinflix will charge back all the promotion discount
  • Service available where technology permits
  • Unlimitd download subject to Fair Usage Policy and CRTC regulations
  • Speeds may vary with internet traffic server or other factors
  • All information and related materials are subject to change without notice



Disclaimer: This is an affiliate/reseller program.  Purchase will be made directly through the internet provider. Support will be provided by the internet provider as well.  Ordering from Jorards Communications does not increase or decrease the price whether purchased from this website or the partner website.