Catalog No:502
Item Name:DSL-502G
ADSL Modem
1 USB and 1 RJ45 Port gateway

Price :  $50.00 CDN

ADSL2+, the DSL-502G modem,  is a gateway modem that has  USB port or ethernet port for  DSL bridging or as a router/firewall/DNS/DHCP server for a whole network by using a switch. You will receive it pre-configured for internet use. So easy setup.

Detailed information:

Manufacturer: D-link
Product MPN
Key Features
Router Functionalities  What is "Router Functionalities"?
Firewall • DHCP Server
Connectivity Wired
Standards and Protocols
LAN Standards IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD or Ethernet
Protocols  What is "Protocols"?
Routing Protocols RIP Version 1 • RIP Version 2
Remote Management Protocol  What is "Remote Management Protocol"?
Firewall / VPN
Firewall Features NAT
DSL Standards ADSL Lite (G.Lite ITU G.992.2)
Modem Max Downstream 8 Mbps
Modem Max Upstream 640 Kbps
Width 7.2 in.
Depth 5.6 in.
Height 1.2 in.
Weight 0.7 lb.
Warranty 1 Year

Bigger Picture
Catalog No:585
Item Name:speedtouch 585v7
mulit-user wireless 4 port adsl2+ gateway

Price :  $129.00 CDN

ADSL2+ the Speedtouch 585v7 wireless,has the same specifications as the single port 516v6, but with the advantage of 4-10/100bt ethernet ports and wireless 802.11 b/g. (each port can be separately configured,wireless can be disabled). it can also be used as a range extender. eliminates the need for a modem and separate router as its all in one. backwards compatible to ADSL. it can be bridged or routed on ANY ISP's network. 1 YR WARRANTY, SHIPS OVERNITE DHL!